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EEIM 2020, AHEM 2020, ICLLME 2020 and ICFLMS 2020 were successfully held!

On December 19-20, 2020, the 2020 2nd International Conference on Education, Economics and Information Management (EEIM 2020), 2020 2nd International Conference on Arts, Humanity and Economics, Management (AHEM 2020), 2020 International Conference on Language, Literature and Modern Education (ICLLME 2020), and 2020 International Conference on Finance, Law and Management Science (ICFLMS 2020) were successfully held! These conferences provide a platform for educators, scholars, researchers and graduate students from different cultural backgrounds to present and discuss research, developments and innovations in the fields of Education, Economics, Arts, Humanity, Language, Law and Management Science.

The conference attracted authors and participants from Gannan Normal University, Northeastern University, University of Macau, Wuhan University of Technology etc.

The following information is the speakers who made an oral presentation.

Nico Booij, NHL-Stenden University of Applied Science
Keynote Speech: Non-native Professors' Adaption to Online Teaching during COVID-19: A Case Study

Feng-kai YUE, Shanxi University of Finance and Economics
Paper Title: Research on the Development Path of College Young Teachers' Teaching Ability from the Perspective of Teaching Team Building

Li-yun ZENG, Panzhihua University

Paper Title: Research on Impact and Countermeasures of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) on Kangyang Tourism Development in Panzhihua

Xiu-xia ZHUO, Ganzhou No.4 Middle School

Paper Title: Analysis of Teacher’s Classroom Discourse in Senior High School English Reading Teaching from Language Ability Development Perspective

Li CHENG, Gannan Normal University
Paper Title: Backwash of DIO Classroom Observation Model in EFL

Zhi-xuan LI, Northwest Minzu University
Paper Title: Research on the Development and Countermeasures of Higher Vocational Education Management under the Background of the Integration of Production and Education

Jing-ying CUI, Northeastern University

Paper Title: Contemporary Chinese Marxism Solves the Difficult Problems of Ideological and Political Education in Universities

Sha-sha FU, Gannan normal university

Paper Title: The Educational Drama in China

Yu-hong LIAO, Gannan normal university

Paper Title: Classroom Observation of the Perspective of Positive Classroom Affect——Take a Junior High School English Class as an Example

Li-yan ZHANG, Liaoning Technical University

Paper Title: Research on the Citizenization of a New Generation of Migrant Workers Based on the Joint Reform of Household Registration,Land and Public Services

Kuo-ying LEE, Zhaoqing University

Paper Title: A Historical Survey of Cross-modal Interactions in Musical Compositions

Shu-han LIU, ChiangMai University

Paper Title: Guidelines for Yunnan Chinese Food Culture Management in Kea Noi Village, to be a Learning Center for Chinese Arts and Culture in Yunnanese, Kea Noi Village, Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai Province

Liang-qi LI, Wenzhou-Kean University

Paper Title: Error Analysis: Four Sentence Structural Errors Made by Chinese EFL Students

Fei WANG, The University of Electro-Communications

Paper Title: Research on the Connection Between Emotion Factors and the Dissemination Process of Hot Words

Zhe WANG, Sichuan University of Arts and Science

Paper Title: Humboldts Gift: A Panorama of Modern American Society

Cong YIN, Capital University of Physical Education and Sports

Paper Title: The Saving Effect in Visuomotor Rotation and its Inspirations for Physical Education

Shao-ming WANG, University of Macau

Paper Title: A Comparative Study of Projecting Sources in Sino-US Parade Reports

Lu-lu YUE, Wuhan University of Technology

Paper Title: A Study of Moby Dick from the Perspective of Alienation Theory

Mai-yue WANG, Northeastern University

Paper Title: On the Essence of New Urbanization Management from the Perspective of Marxist Ecological View

Hai-nan ZHAO, Northeastern University

Paper Title: Research on Paths to Build up Morality and Cultivate People in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Xing MENG, Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology

Paper Title: Research on the Countermeasures of Stable Employment Education for Higher Vocational Graduates in Shandong Province