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【2021年12月会议闭幕】EHMIT2021 was successfully held

During December 25-26, 2021, the 2021 International Conference on Education, Humanities, Management and Information Technology (EHMIT 2021) was successfully held. This conferences provide a platform for educators, scholars, researchers and graduate students from different cultural backgrounds to present and discuss research, developments and innovations in the fields of Education, Humanities, Management, as well as Information Technology.

The conference attracted authors and participants from Wuhan University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Southwest University, etc.

Communication is the key for academic innovation. The following information is the speakers who made an oral presentation.

Prof. Shuo ZhaoCommunication University of China

Keynote Speech:Language Education Model in China and Malaysia

Lei TANG, Chongqing Medical University

Paper Title: Career Decision-making Self-efficacy and Life Satisfaction of Medical Students in China

Cong CHENG, Chongqing Medical University

Paper Title: Drinking behavior and its influence factors among medical students in China: A web-based survey

Shu-yu FAN and Ji-ren HU, Xinjiang University of Finance & Economic, Northern Arizona University

Paper Title: The Dilemma and Way Out of Effectively Assuming Corporate Environmental Responsibility in China

Meng-ya CHENG, Chengdu University of Technology

Paper Title: Research on the Problems and Countermeasures in the Case Teaching of Master of Finance in "Double First Class" Universities

Xue-zhen LIU, Jiangxi Normal University of Science and Technology

Paper Title: Analysis on the Strategies of Cultivating College Students' Autonomous Learning Ability from the Perspective of Selective Learning

Xiao-jin ZHANG, Zhejiang Normal University

Paper Title: Problem Analysis and Construction Path of Professional Textbooks in Vocational Colleges under 1+X Certificate System

Qin-xin ZHENG, Zhejiang Normal University

Paper Title: Construction and Application of the Attraction Model of Secondary Vocational Education

Jian-yang HOUZhejiang Normal University

Paper Title: Practice of Discussion Method in Teaching under the New Curriculum

Jing ZHANG, Zhejiang Normal University

Paper Title: Research and Improvement Measures on the Mechanism of Transfer and Transformation of Teaching Knowledge based on SECI Model

Du ZHANG, Jiangxi Normal University of Science and Technology

Paper Title: Analysis on the Strategies of Cultivating Higher Vocational Students' Autonomous Learning Ability