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Bin Zhang

Zhang Bin, male, born in Jingzhou, Hubei province on March 1982. He is an "Industry Professor" of China Optical Valley "3551 talents", an "Innovative Leading Talent" of the "Tianchi Elite Plan" in autonomous region, a "Crisp Talent" of the Computer Science Society of Suzhou City, and a senior engineer. He is also a part-time master supervisor of Xi'an Electronic Science and Technology University, a part-time professor of Huanggang Normal College and other universities, a doctoral student jointly cultivated by Wuhan University and the City University of Hong Kong, and an EMBA student of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His major is computer technology and software engineering. Research areas: artificial intelligence.

He is Senior Member of CCF/CAAI/CSIG; Section Chairman/PC Member of EI international conferences such as CAINE/ICIS/ACIT/CAAI/IEEM.